• What to Consider Before Buying a Home with Foundation Issues

    buying a home with foundation issues

    For many, buying a home is the single most important decision they will ever make. Unfortunately, buying a home is not as easy as picking up essentials at the grocery store.

    Buying a home requires more than just a down payment. It requires patience, financial stability, and more importantly – a detail-oriented eye.

    Before buying a home, it pays to check that the home is structurally sound. A home that is structurally sound will last for generations to come. One important aspect to inspect during the buying process is the home’s foundation

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  • It’s important to reduce our environmental footprint, here are some methods you can try in your home today!

    best time to sell your home in the spring

    Composting: If you’ve never tried composting now is the time to start! Composting is taking food scraps, yard trimmings and items like coffee grounds and tea bags in a pile or bucket. The items will decompose leaving behind a highly organic fertilizer that you can spread on the front yard or in the vegetable garden you’ve always wanted to start. By reusing the scraps you’re also helping reduce the amount of waste you produce!

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  • Tips for the seller’s market.

    2 May 2018


    Blog post

    The Texas housing market is booming and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As people from all over the country come to take advantage of the amazing opportunities Texas has to offer, the supply of houses has dropped dramatically raising the average price. If you’re looking to capitalize on your property, now is the perfect time to do it. The following tips could help you sell your home for more than you ever thought possible!

    Boost curb appeal: Making a good first impression is important and it’s no different when you sell your house. Make sure to clear any paths to the house, pull any weeds in the front yard and remove anything that blocks light that could enter windows.

    Paint: Painting gives your home a new and bright appearance. This will make your house more appealing to buyers

    Temperature: Texas is notorious for its intense summers. Keep the AC running when you have people come to view your home.

    Organized and Clean: People want to envision themselves in your home and don’t want to see your personal belongings cluttering the home that they may spend a long time in! Keep everything meticulously organized for a more clean feeling

    Always be ready to show: Keep your home in pristine condition because you never know when a potential buyer could show up!

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  • Checklist: What to Look for on Final Home Walkthrough

    checklist lysthouse

    Finally, you are going to become a homeowner, but just before you seal the deal, one crucial step still remains – ensuring all the rooms and walls are in good shape, just the way you had agreed upon with the seller. One final walkthrough will help you evaluate the current condition of the house and is a crucial undertaking, as it is your last chance to ensure that everything in the house is in working order. Having a comprehensive walk through inspection checklist in hand will allow you to make sure that you have covered all your bases, and everything is exactly how you wanted it to be.

    Do not forget to take this home buying walkthrough checklist with you before going for a final walk-through in your new home:

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  • What to Know If You’re Trying to Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit in 2018

    15 March 2018
    poor credit score

    Getting approved for a home loan is no easy task. Especially since the 2008 housing market crash, sub-prime loans almost disappeared. Reaching the moon or getting a star named after you might seem easier than getting a loan. What makes it worse is if you have a bad credit score. A bad credit score basically makes it impossible for you to get a loan. All the late payments you made, everything you owe the bank and your casual attitude money eventually catches up to you in the form of a bad credit score. Aside from the calls from lenders, it won’t bother you until you actually plan to apply for a loan with a poor credit score.

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  • What To Know if You’re Selling Your Home This Year

    lysthouse saves you money when buying and selling real estate

    The property market is turbulent and prices will go up and fall by the time you make up your mind to actually sell your home. When you need advice or just want to get a free home valuation to see how much your home is worth, give LystHouse a call. Our licensed experts can look at the market in your area, meet with you to consider enhancements, remodeling, or upgrades, and determine your home’s value.

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  • Preparing for the Home Buying Season – 10 Tips

    home buyer

    Finally, the home-buying season is coming up, as the real estate agents and home buyers start swarming the market. People often wonder “is this a good time to buy a house” or “is it a good time to buy property” – according to various experts, spring is the best time to find the house of your dreams and strike some outstanding deals whilst saving heaps in the process with LystHouse.

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  • Custom Closet Designs: 7 Details to Consider


    Custom closet design isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes time to itemize your belongings and create an efficient and organized wardrobe. The best approach is to assess your storage needs before meeting with your designer. Here are seven guidelines to follow if you’re lucky enough to be piecing together a new dream closet.

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  • Moving: How to Make a Smooth Transition

    Young Couple Moving In To New Home Together

    Moving into a new home can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re taking it on in the midst of another major life change, such as having a baby or coping with the loss of a loved one. It’s a big job that has a lot of moving parts, so it’s important to have a plan in mind for the big day and to give yourself plenty of time to prepare your new home to make it feel like your own.

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  • ‘For Sale By Owner’ founder sells his home… using a real estate broker

    13 February 2018
    fsbo is obsolute and a thing of the past lysthouse

    By David Gardner for MailOnline

    Colby Sambrotto, who founded a website for DIY-real estate, just sold his Chelsea apartment for $2.15million

    The founder of a website helping people to sell their own homes has found a buyer for his own apartment – with the help of a traditional real estate broker.

    ForSaleByOwner.com creator Colby Sambrotto even paid the standard 6% commission after selling his two-bedroom New York condo for $2.15 million.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Mr Sambrotto spent six months trying to sell the apartment in trendy Chelsea through online listings and classified adverts.

    But the DIY home selling guru eventually decided to turn the sale over to a professional.

    Not only did broker Jesse Buckler set the price $150,000 higher than the original asking price, he went on to lure the elusive buyer Mr Sambrotto’s self-help methods had failed to attract.

    The Journal said the 2,000-square-foot apartment at The Lion’s Head building near Sixth Avenue is now under contract.

    The spartment in question: Colby Sambrotto, founder of 'For Sale by Owner' sold his Lion's Head Building home via a real estate broker

    The apartment in question: Colby Sambrotto, founder of ‘For Sale by Owner’ sold his Lion’s Head Building home via a real estate broker

    Practice what you preach? Mr Sambrotto couldn't sell his house by himself - despite making a fortune by advocating for the method

    Practice what you preach? Mr Sambrotto couldn’t sell his house by himself – despite making a fortune by advocating for the method

    Mr Buckler claimed the owner wasn’t asking enough for the apartment and was consequently attracting the right buyers.

    Broker Jesse Buckler encouraged Mr Sambrotto to increase the asking price of the apartment as a sales strategy

    ‘At first he wouldn’t let me increase the price,’ said Mr. Buckler. ‘I told him I know what I am doing—the market is picking up.’

    Mr Sambrotto bought the apartment for $2 million in 2007, a year after he sold his ForSaleByOwner.com website at the height of the real estate boom.

    He told the Journal that he still believed in owner sales and discounted commissions, but added: ‘The apartment market in Manhattan was tightly controlled by agents.’

    ‘So many buyers don’t even bother to do a search online.’

    Undeterred, he is now planning to launch a new sale by owner website, called USRealty.com.

    Fans of the DIY method point to past successes, even in broker-controlled Manhattan.

    Edgar Bronfman Jr., chief executive of the Warner Music Group, sold an East 64th Street town house four years ago for $50 million without paying any commission.

    Last month, a 69th Street town house was sold by its owner for $48 million.

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